Commentaries on IDC Theory in practice

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Wenli Chen
Kampei Hayashi
Mas Nida Md. Khambari
Jon Mason
Lung-Hsiang Wong
Kui Xie


A total of seven scholars were invited to provide commentaries to the paper on the IDC experimental school in Taiwan. We collated their commentaries below, arranged in alphabetical order of the authors’ last names. We acknowledge and appreciate the excellent points raised by the commentators regarding the current and future directions of IDC Theory and the experimental school. We embrace their views and take heed of their suggestions to refine IDC Theory and our practices further.


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Chen, W., Hayashi, K., Khambari, M. N. M., Kinshuk, Mason, J., Wong, L.-H., & Xie, K. (2023). Commentaries on IDC Theory in practice. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 18, 024.

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