Evaluation of automatically generated English vocabulary questions

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Yuni Susanti
Takenobu Tokunaga
Hitoshi Nishikawa
Hiroyuki Obari


This paper describes details of the evaluation experiments for questions created by an automatic question generation system. Given a target word and one of its word senses, the system generates a multiple-choice English vocabulary question asking for the closest in meaning to the target word in the reading passage. Two kinds of evaluation were conducted considering two aspects: (1) measuring English learners’ proficiency and (2) their similarity to the human-made questions. The first evaluation is based on the responses from English learners obtained through administering the machine-generated and human-made questions to them, and the second is based on the subjective judgement by English teachers. Both evaluations showed that the machine-generated questions were able to achieve a comparable level with the human-made questions in both measuring English proficiency and similarity.


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Susanti, Y., Tokunaga, T., Nishikawa, H., & Obari, H. . (2017). Evaluation of automatically generated English vocabulary questions. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 12. Retrieved from https://rptel.apsce.net/index.php/RPTEL/article/view/2017-12011