A conceptual research framework for sustainable digital learning in higher education

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Mostafa Hamadi
Jamal El-Den


The integration of digital technologies in Higher Education (HE) has dramatically changed the way students learn, however it has also raised critical concerns about the sustainability aspects of digital learning. Although a considerable amount of literature has been published on digital learning and Sustainable Development (SD) in HE, further research is needed to establish a comprehensive research framework which synthesises and organises the knowledge in this area. This paper draws on a critical review of the literature to develop a conceptual research framework on sustainable digital learning in HE from an Information Systems’ lens. The proposed framework is the outcome of a thorough integrative review, followed by a thematic analysis of relevant sources which outlines common research themes in the literature and identifies major areas for future research. The proposed framework provides researchers and educators with valuable insights on the use of digital technologies to promote SD in HE and highlights the importance of sustainability awareness. It further defines focus areas and future research directions which can guide their research, thereby assisting in building a coherent body of knowledge in this research area.


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Hamadi, M., & El-Den, J. (2024). A conceptual research framework for sustainable digital learning in higher education. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 19, 001. https://doi.org/10.58459/rptel.2024.19001